Fast day 1 Thurs Apr 28 2010 202 lbs

Back again. Have put back on some poundage. Was up to 210 at one point and got that down with Mcdougalling. Now to get back to fighting shape. Fasted yesterday. Pretty good. And the sleep good as always after fasting.

Friday Jan 2 2009 190 lbs

I'm baaaaaaacckkkk. So mid November really threw me off the ADF bandwagon and had trouble getting back on although I tried. Jan 2 I decided to re-start. I had enough food and drink the last month and half to live off of for many fasts.

I had a good fasting day. It felt good to go to bed with an empty stomach if you believe it. Sleep is much more peaceful when you are not digesting food. I had forgotten how it felt. Also waking up after fasting is great. You feel rested and ready to eat something. Your body feels somehow grounded or re-set.

I also packed on about 10 pounds or so and hope to get them off. I was starting to feel my pants get tighter and that light on your feet feeling starting to disappear. OK so I am ready to the next run of ADFing. Let's see how long I can keep going.

Update Jan 3 9 P.M.: Made some good dinner that I have to post....
1. Brown a cut up chicken in P.C.
2. Take out chicken, add diced onion to pot and cook.
3. Add back chicken pieces, 1/2 cup of chicken broth (homemade), chopped celery, carrot, mushroom, one small can tomato sauce, one 16 oz can chopped tomatoes (drained), one half can tomato paste, dried "italian herbs", garlic powder, a little red wine.
4. Bring to pressure and cook for 10 minutes.
5. Release pressure and serve chicken and sauce with cooked ORZO.

This was good stuff.

Fasting day 27 Nov 23 2008 Weight Unknown

So I missed a couple of no-eat days (for the first time). I had to drive to DC for a meeting. It started on an eat day but I drove home on a fast day. But I couldn't not eat while on the road. So then I made even the next day after an eat day. But I picked up the fasting routine after that. Todays fast was pretty good.

I made Moroccan vegetable stew with couscous tonight. Here is what I did.
Saute onions in pressure cooker for 10 min until very soft.
Add one cut up potato, sweet potato, celery, carrots.
Add about 4-5 cups homemade vegetable broth.
Salt pepper, a little tumeric, cinnamon, 2 threads saffron, a little red pepper.
One small can of tomato sauce.
Bring to pressure for 10-15 minutes, release pressure.
Add one cut up zuccini and a can of chick peas (rinsed).
Put lid back on half way and bring to simmer for 5-10 minutes.
Serve with couscous.

Will eat this for lunch today.

Fasting day 24 Nov 15 2008 183 lbs.

I'm gaining weight? How is it possible? Maybe I'm eating too much rich food. I will try to eat large quantities of lean healthy food from now on on eat days.

I really really want to break the 180 pound barrier. Must say though, that I feel pretty good today and i think I look lean. I still haven't cheated since I began ADF, BTW.

Cooking-wise I made some vegetable soup. My kid likes soups. I also made those chicken "nuggets" again. Let me provide the recipe:

Take one chicken breast half. Cut it on the bias at about 1/4 inch thick starting from the thick end (the top part of the breast). Season each slice with salt pepper and "italian seasoning" (my favorite). Dredge in seasoned flour, then dip in egg then cover with seasoned bread crumbs. Deep fry for a few minutes or so. EAT. These come out pretty good usually. And really not that much more difficult to make than processed kind (provided you have a deep fryer full of oil ready to go, which I do). I like starting with ingredients that I can recognize. Those bagged nuggets scare me a little. They are most likely made from odds and ends that were not pretty enough for another purpose. Hmmm.

Fasting day 22 Nov 11 2008 180.5 lbs.

So I seem to be stuck at this weight. Also I seem to be more hungry in the evenings of no-eat days than before. Could it be that my body is trying to hold on to this weight?

I have concluded that I should eat more on eat days.

Although it seems to be getting more difficult I plan to continue. I like the weight loss effect. I have not been at this weight since the early 90s so I feel much different. Going up stairs, running around is much easier. Did some push ups and sit ups in the evening. These also seem to be easier as well. And stretching my hamstrings. Am I more flexible than before? Could be.

Yesterday I made beef stew in the PC. I didn't have the seasoning mix so I winged it. It came out good. I used the standard technique but included a small can of tomato sauce in the liquid (and some red wine). Added my usual "Italian Herbs" mix. I took a pic but forgot to transfer to the computer. Will post it later. OK I did.

Fasting day 21 Nov 9 2008 180.5 lbs.

Nothing remarkable to report. I seem to be hanging around at this weight. I will be happy when I break below the 180 barrier. Not cooking anything of note lately. Not that the stuff that I DO cook is exceptionally noteworthy. When I make something I like I will post it however.

I guess i should mention that I am noticing the weight loss in terms of day to day stuff like going up stairs or just walking. I feel lighter on my feet for sure. My pants that were too tight before now fit just right, maybe even a little loose now. I don't know if that is because they have stretched out or because I am losing weight. Probably both. I will have to get some new pants eventually. I will get some good raw demin jeans.

Fasting day 19 Nov 5 2008 180.5 lbs.

Lets talk about fries. They are a good whole food. Potatoes. Some salt and ketchup. What could be better? ADF is the only diet where you can eat them as much as you want and still lose weight. All you Atkinsers can't eat 'em. And you low fatters too (unless you bake them).

So how do you make them at home? Dont' get the bagged ones from the frozen food section at the supermarket. Those have oil in them already and other things to stabilize them like starches and stuff. Start with potatoes. Much easier and cheaper. In the case below I tried sweet potatoes. Peel them and cut them up into uniform fry shapes. Oh and you need a little home deep fryer. These are cheap. I have one that can cook one potato worth of fries at a time. Any more and the oil cools down too much. But this is enough for me.

So get the oil good and hot in your fryer. Put the freshly peeled and cut potato pieces in. Let 'em go until the just start to turn a very light golden color. Take 'em out and drain on paper towel. Let them rest for about 10 minutes or so. They continue to cook on the inside this way. Then when you are ready to eat, just put them back in to the oil until they get a deep golden color. I usually do this after I flip the burger that I am making. That way the burger and fries are done at the same time. Take the fries out, drain and salt them immediately.

I save the oil in the fryer and use it again until I feel that it has been used enough. Then only exchange a fraction of it. The old oil makes the fries taste better.

BTW a good no-eat day today. Better than the previous one.